Week 11 – The Drawing Board

To Do: Write

I should be writing.

It has been awhile since my last update. My word count hasn’t increased much, but I went back and drastically improved the outline for my book. My course is much clearer now and I have a new focus.

Lately, when I’m procrastinating, I have been learning from established authors. Especially those throwing off the shackles of the archaic model used by the publishing industry. I recently listened to an interview with author Scott Sigler on The Nerdist Podcast. Sadly, this is the first time I had heard about Mr. Sigler and his work. He has amazing drive, his goal is to write one million new words year!? I find it a victory just cranking out a couple hundred a week. I also respect the hell out of his willingness to give words of encouragement and advice to others trying to get into self publishing. He fosters community rather than competition. In the future (if not already!) I think many will look back on him as a visionary of the new, and I daresay, better model of publishing.

Check out his books on Amazon. I’m especially excited to read his latest book Nocturnal.

Current Word Count: 4,793

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